Igor Levit, the most brilliant young pianist of ever!

Considered by some as the best pianist of the century, Igor Levit is absolutely brilliant.

Last weekend, on December 3rd in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation his performance was sensational, diabolic and very intense. There was a kind of magic in his hands that transformed the music that was seemed to be impossible to be played in an easy melody.

Igor Levit opened his program with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations which turned out to be a kind of preparation for the following piece. His unlimited technical capacity is impressive and very engaging. During his actuation, it was impossible not to be static to his fingers while they were touching the keyboard with a rapturous confidence.

The way he worked at the piano while was playing People United Will Never Be Defeated! by the composer Frederic Rzewski was unbelievable and astonishing. The sound in the hall came with a lot of energy, very different, and totally unpredictable in a fascinating way. His interpretation about this music was notably, memorable and very innovative. It was really extraordinary the way he introduced innovative techniques in his classical music. The whistle or the knocks on the piano were in a perfect harmony with the music played. He exhibited fresh ideas about every phrase he played.